About Blunted Objects


Blunted Objects is all about the counterculture surrounding the stylish and high-minded individuals of the cannabis community.

The company was created to match the new class of sophistication emerging within smoking culture. Contemporary stoners felt misrepresented with an overabundance of tacky, overplayed symbols of cannabis culture and looked for inspiration beyond neon green leaves and rasta-colored peace signs. They were crudely given an ultimatum between promoting an outdated portrayal of the community or not at all.

Determined to bridge the gap between upscale fashion and the present-day stoner, Blunted Objects began exploring novel approaches to speaking for the fly and polished community of the heavenly herb. The result was a distinctive jewelry line with the signature leaf aesthetic, all with a bhang.

Beyond simply providing a niche that the cannabis world desperately needed, the founders established a mission statement that would reinforce their stance on the future of the industry. It declared a commitment to destroy the stigma associated with smoking weed, redefine the image of the once-taboo plant, and create a peaceful universe that everybody, smokers or not, can co-exist. That is what drives the Blunted Objects philosophy.








Photography by Eva Napp Photography.