12 Female-run Cannabis Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2018

by Evan Senn
The past 12 months have been a year of growth and acceptance, of standing up for what’s right and for reaching out to those in need. Women are at the forefront leading this revolutionary time with acts of courage and care, selflessly helping others, whistle blowing and calling attention to the inequality, sexual abuse and assault with the #metoo movement. According to a recent survey conducted by New Frontier Data and Women Grow, there are more women working in cannabis-related businesses than men, comprising close to 60 percent of its work force. We’ve put together a compilation of some of our favorite Instagram accounts run by badass lady bosses in the cannabis space. The following accounts are leading the fight against inequality with their art, creativity, and strong voices and shaping the future of the cannabis industry and lifestyle.


Van der Pop
Van Der Pop Blunted Objects Branding
Founded by badass babe April Pride, Van der Pop is an all-inclusive lifestyle brand that curates and creates cannabis experiences for the modern woman. Beyond their modern and clever branding prominent in their products, Van der Pop offers ladies weekly stories, interviews, features and exposés on health, wellness, style and pleasure.
Joanna O’Boyle
Writer, illustrator, website designer and cannabis photographer Joanna O’Boyle does it all, including some of Blunted Objects most popular content. This all-around creator posts inspiring images that elevate the cannabis plant with every snap of her camera and flick of her wrist, continuously improving the image of the plant and of the industry at large.
Roze Volca
Run by boundary-pushing designer and curiously determined babe Siera Josephine, Roze Volca aka “pink volcano” is a stigma-defying lifestyle brand with a strong feminine vision. Scrolling through the RV feed can be like toking on a rose petal blunt, sipping rosé with your rose-colored glasses on: this pink-dusted style guru account is going to be an instant fave of yours.
Canna Curious Club
This elite London-based “club” is all things posh. Canna Curious Club offers opportunities for likeminded babes to share recommendations, conversations on aesthetics, inspiration and adventures. This club is the home of #poshpot, a global hashtag that allows for a network of aesthetically-driven cannabis visuals, regardless of location. 
Trippy.Treez is Teresa G., a cannabis marketer and producer who creates fun and unique content with a cannabis slant. She recommends products, takes her viewers on her cannabis-infused adventures and can probably outsmoke most dudes you know. Never not-smoking, this girl is unafraid to be herself, with her cannabis pride inspiring other women to come out of the cannabis closet and feel more free to be themselves. 
Canna Obscura
Based in the Pacific Northwest, Canna Obscura is run by Allie Beckett, a well-respected cannabis photographer and journalist working with the likes of DOPE Magazine, High Times, WeedMaps and more. Canna Obscura is an inspiring visual diary of Beckett's life and favorite moments with this perfect plant.
The Cannabal City Collective (3C) in DTLA’s Art District is a medical cannabis collective with their own proprietary cannabis grow op and a talented dynamic duo: female Art Director Asia Taber and Social Media Manager Karla Sandoval. Their IG, @3c.dtla, run by Sandoval, features Taber's gorgeous and original cannabis plant photography embracing the natural beauty of the powerful plant. With epic lighting and contemporary design details in every shot, Taber and Sandoval have a knack for highlighting the friendly and versatile beauty of this amazing plant.
Miss Rad Reefer
A dedicated cultivator and beautiful personality, Michelle “Reefer” is the genius behind Miss Rad Reefer, which documents Reefer’s life of growing, loving, imbibing and inspiring with cannabis. Working with an amazing cannabis cultivation farm in the SoCal mountains, Reefer documents her cultivation process and her love for the many #colorsofcannabis. You’ll never get bored following @missradreefer and her endless variety of gorgeous cannabis plants at all stages in the process.
This Cannabis Life
Morgan Leigh English is the brains and beauty behind This Cannabis Life. Focusing on cannabis lifestyle and branding photography, English has created a beautifully curated brand built on contemporary minimalism, sprinkled with cozy and intimate moments of her life with cannabis, yoga, meditation, and design. Her swoon-worthy photos are inspiring and elevating for the aesthetics of the industry, with endlessly creative ways she uses the plant.
Wolfie Memes
Run by comedian and meme maven Rachel Wolfson, Wolfie Memes is dedicated to bringing hilarity and the awesomeness of the millennial stoner girl life into meme form, to entertain and engage the masses. A talented, standup comedian, Wolfie creates original memes with comical references to Saved by the Bell, Dave Chapelle, The Office, the faces of the Kardashians and the relatable moments of the millennial life.
I’m Canna Bess

Bess Byers runs the amazing cannabis photography-centered account imcannabess. Having just snagged the title of DOPE Magazine Social Media Influencer of the Year and previously been crowned DOPE Magazine Photographer of the Year, Byers has a rare approachability that makes you crave more of her content. Her gorgeously curated photographs highlight the unique cannabis culture of Seattle and beyond, the beauty of smoking, the process of curing cannabis flowers, and the strong females in the industry.
Cannabis and Motherhood
If you don’t know Keira Fae, you should. She is the voice of Cannabis and Motherhood, and also an amazing cannabis chef, journalist, model (check this video we shot with her) and owner of her own CBD water line, Kind Water. Since she became pregnant with her first child last year, she has devoted much of her professional life to researching the inadequate studies and massive stigmas surrounding cannabis consumption with mothers and pregnant women. She will be launching a vlog soon for just that, as she pushes the conversation to be more female-centric and inclusive of mothers who want to use cannabis.