Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Stoner Sweetheart

By Evan Senn

Image by Michaela Mae Corbitt

From our very first heart-shaped construction paper candy-gram, we have secretly loved this frilly, sugary-sweet and over-the-top holiday. Well, it’s 2018, cannabis is legal, and anything your sweetie’s adorable little heart could wish for exists. To help you navigate the loving yet stressful waters of Valentine’s Day shopping, we’ve taken the liberty to compile the top choices for your Valentine’s Day gift options. Enjoy!

Kiva Confections Chocolates

Image via Kiva website

Kiva Confections: You can never go wrong with the V-Day classic, chocolates. Kiva elevates the traditional Valentine’s Day gift of chocolates to something epic. With sleek and modern packaging, and artisanal, delectable chocolates in a variety of flavors and potencies, you can customize every high-end piece to fit your Valentine’s exact preferences.


Canndescent Gift Box

Image via Canndescent Instagram

Canndescent Gift Box: Imagine if BirchBox, Tommy Chong and Tiffany & Co. had a baby—it’d be this. This gift box is a gorgeously curated selection of everything you need to get baked and feel fabulous. With amazing selections of cannabis flower, an organic hemp-wick, rolling papers, crutches, and matches, these display-room quality sets make the perfect gift for your special someone.


Mani Pedi Oh So Heady Couples Event

Image via Mani Pedi Oh So Heady Instagram

Mani Pedi Oh So Heady: Collect moments not things. You're in luck if you live in Socal, because Mani Pedi Oh So Heady has an amazing couples event on February 19th. You and your someone can get pampered from head-to-toe with your favorite cannabis beauty brands (including Blunted Objects!) and dab at the same time.  A great experiential gift (check out recap video here) and you walk out with a hefty gift bag loaded with stoney goodies!


How High Am I Journal

Image by Jimmy Jazz

How High Am I?: This guided journal for cannabis lovers is a cute way for your sweetie to remember the adorable, hilarious and amazing ideas they have when they’re baked. Perfect for the nostalgic, as you can enjoy the endless memories to laugh at time and time again. You can customize it, draw in it, or simply reflect. Each page has an interesting cannabis factoid too, so you can learn more about your favorite plant while you learn more about yourself.


Stonedware Company Geopipe

Image via Stonedware Instagram

Stonedware GeoPipe
: This 22k gold-edged geopipe is one of our favorite pipes ever. This artistic creation not only looks good sitting on its own as a work of art but also feels great in your hand. If your Valentine likes modern design and an artfully curated selection of pipeware, they will love this porcelain geopipe!


Foria Pleasure Enhancement Oil

Image via Kaya Collective

Foria Pleasure: You may have heard of the genius that is Foria, but let us be clear—if you and your partner haven’t tried Foria, you’re missing out. This edible and powerful pre-lube will heighten any and all of her orgasms, leave her a little softer and smoother, and blissfully content—and it tastes like coconut. A must-try!


ASCHE x Blunted Objects Roach Clip Bracelet 

Image by Eva Napp

ASCHE x Blunted Objects Roach Clip Bracelet: Does your bae like decoration that also has function? This gorgeous and delicate gold cannabis bracelet is not only the perfect accessory for her ensemble, but it also functions as a roach clip, for when those dire circumstances require some immediate help. This is a perfectly suited piece of jewelry for your stoner sweetie.


Sweet Releaf Body Butter

Image via Sweet Releaf website

Sweet ReLeaf: Looking to give your Valentine some relief? Sweet ReLeaf has perfected the art of rich, buttery, topical cannabis medicine and it will make all of their (or your) pain and soreness go away. It’s potent, sweet smelling and easy to rub in to sore and tired muscles and joints; and, it can aid in a variety of ailments. Perhaps you can lather each other up in some Sweet ReLeaf and take turns massaging the night away together.


Stone Road Prerolls

Image via Stone Road Farms Instagram

Stone Road Pre-Rolls: Perfectly packaged, absolutely stunning artisanal quality cannabis pre-rolls? Uh, yes please! If your sweetie is a sucker for pretty things and you’re not looking to buy more jewelry, consider the epically curated Stone Road Farms organic flower pre-rolls. These delicious little beauties will keep your Valentine happy, light and stylish.


Love + Destroy Custom Hitter

Image via Love + Destroy website

Love + Destroy Custom Hitter: Extra brownie points comin’ at ya! You can have you're your sweetie’s name (real, pet or otherwise) on their very own sleek one-hitter! Coming in two sizes and three badass colors, these chic little stick pipes are 3D printed and a great way to offer some subtle bling to your bae.