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You’ve seen her a few times now in a few of our lookbooks, including the most recent, “My Love Mary”. Sometimes her hair is yellow like a highlighter and pink like cotton candy; others it’s smurf blue with shades of sea foam green. Either way, this blazed beauty has you mesmerized with that sideways smile and the way she takes deep, delicate drags of that big beautiful blunt. Throw all preconceived ideas of what a stoner girl looks like out the window and meet the new face of cannabis connoisseurs. 

What’s your name? Where did you grow up?
My name is Darla Root (Bambi) and I was born in Newport Beach, California but I grew up in Oregon for more than half my life. I moved back to California as a freshman in high school and I love it here! My mom gave me the nickname Bambi when I was in high school, she told me I looked like a deer - like Bambi! And the name just stuck ever since :). 

What do you like to do?
I really love to cook! I don't eat meat or dairy so I really enjoy experimenting in the kitchen with alternative ways of cooking and creating. Any outdoor activities are fun for me also; hiking, yoga, exploring new places and live music is a must! And blazzinnn' during all of these activities

When did you start smoking?
I was in high school when I tried smoking for the first time, it was really fun for me to have an escape from my immediate reality and just to chill out with my friends. 

What’s your favorite strain?
When I first started smoking I really liked sativa strains, especially Blue Dream. Space Queen is another one of my favorite sativa strains. I still really enjoy sativa, but now I smoke more indica on a daily basis and prefer the strong indica body high. I really like Gorilla Glue #4 and any Girl Scout Cookie strains. OG strains are really bomb also.

What’s your favorite thing about Mary?
I love that Mary Jane never leaves my side and it’s a great way to open and expand your mind and connect with people on new levels. Nothing I enjoy more than being blissfully high

Are you single or looking?
I am currently enjoying my journey on earth loving life everyday and taking everything that comes to me as a lesson so I can become the best me possible Enjoying every moment and meeting new people is what interests me the most right now

Bambi currently lives in Long Beach, California with her sister Becky and their two cats. You can find her here and here. 

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