Sweet Releaf, The Natural Topical That Smells Incredible

Welcome to the first of our series, Highly Recommended! Here, we will update our blog when we come across products we love approved for other marijuana enthusiasts. We are excited to kick off the series with a remarkably distinctive topical company, Sweet ReLeaf, known for their bestselling body butter.

When you’re a heavy cannabis user, you tend to gravitate towards anything marijuana-infused. One time, we even jokingly referred to a brownie from Starbucks as “the ‘O’douls’ of pot brownies”; meaning we go for medicated or nothing (O’Douls is a non-alcoholic beer). So, presenting me with a cannabis-infused body butter? I was immediately intrigued.


Topicals are often overlooked as a form of medicine, but over the years have been gaining traction as its value is more and more recognized. Devoid of the psychoactive properties of THC as it enters through the skin and not through the bloodstream, topicals are perfect for patients seeking the therapeutic benefits of marijuana without the “trip” associated with being “high”. CBD (another cannabinoid found in marijuana and in topicals) interacts with your nervous system to bring you localized benefits where applied, without ever messing with your brain to give you that signature buzz. It’s been proven to allieviate pain, ease nausea and lessen anxiety. Sweet ReLeaf, specifically, is a full plant spectrum with many cannabinoids and high in CBD, THC and THCa, all of which are incredible for inflammation and pain relief.

Sweet ReLeaf's clean, modern packaging with easy-to-read font had the flair of products from The Body Shop and I was instantly drawn to the colors. Different shades of green represented the three formulas for their body butter line: original, extra-strength, and unscented.


I don’t always like body butters. In fact, I’m pretty picky with lotions and body products in general—anything excessively or unnaturally scented completely turns me off. My worst nightmare is using fake vanilla-smelling products for life.


This, however was something truly unique and striking. The smell was very strong but wasn’t fake at all. The ingredients smelled familiar, like I could find them in my kitchen cabinets. Looking at the label under ingredients, it read simply: shea butter, coconut oil, cannabis trichomes, cocoa butter and select essential oils. Is that cinnamon I smell? Perhaps mint? I learned that Sweet Releaf’s active ingredient is 100% cannabis trichomes and was comforted to know that there were no solvents used in making the body butter. I associate solvents with industrial applications potentially harmful to health, so this knowledge helped solidify my belief that this was a natural, beneficial product I was holding in my hands.


I experimented with the “Extra Strength” formula on my shoulders and upper back as I’ve been chronically sore in that area. I love the light, fluffy meringue-like texture that melts in my hands into a soothing oil. I felt the relief pretty quickly and it progressively improved throughout the hour. I was pretty impressed with how rapidly it worked and extremely optimistic about what this meant for cannabis as a medicine in the future. There was definite, noticeable improvement from a single use and I was excited about potentially eliminating my chronic soreness issue altogether.

My standards for body butters have now been raised. Sorry, The Body Shop, your products are now irrelevant.

Try this phenomenal product for yourself. Blunted Objects readers get 10% off purchase from Sweet ReLeaf with code ’TEAMBLUNTED’.

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